Star Dragon CGI Presents

USS Sentinel - Final Release

On September 2nd, 2003, I created what at the time was my greatest CGI mesh, the USS Sentinel. Today, that version looks fairly dated. Between textures, surfacing, and lack of detail, it doesn't hold up at all today. So I spent time in 2007 updating her. A full list of updates are below, and the final version of the ship was released initially at Foundation 3D in January of 2008. It can be downloaded there, or for the first time it can be downloaded straight from the source, here at my website. It will also be available at once the website is back up, though feel free to stop by the forums and say hello to us all :)


Interior windows!
Improved Textures
Some New Textures
Improved Surfacing
Rebuilt Warp Nacelles

Mesh Data:
308,876 polygons (originally 265,220 polygons)
7.7 Megabytes zipped (originally 5.6 megs zipped)
Made with LightWave 7.0
(If anyone is interested in doing a Max or any other conversion, please email me)

Starship Data:
Length: 605 Meters
Decks: 23
13 phaser banks
6 photon torpedo bays
1 quantum torpedo bay

The USS Sentinel, NX-91200, was one of the many designs considered for the original Sentinel Project, later renamed the Dragon project. The NX-91200 was built in secret by the corrupt element within Section-31, and was discovered during the crack-down on the rogue intelligence agency. Smaller than the Dragon-class, the Sentinel utilizes advanced technology, including many advancements engineered from knowledge gained in the Kalium Galaxy. Although not initially transwarp capable, within one year the Sentinel achieved transwarp capabilities.

Click here for a 1440x900 resolution image of the Sentinel

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